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Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing

Traditional Publicity vs. Content Marketing

Magazine Ads
Poster Poster

Interrupts clients in a variety of
ways. looking to capture their
attention for a brief period of time.

3 fatal flaws:
Only holds attention for a short time.
Interrupts instead of offering something valuable.
Tends to be expensive, especially all if the campaigns are not successful.

Gives valuable Information
Forms of valuable content:
Forms of valuable content: blog
articles, podcasts (mp3
recordings), downloadable guides,
inforgaphics, videos.

Provide value to the clients, creating loyalty to the brand.
Blogs or videos educate the clients so they buy in the future.
create reciprocity among clients that may buy out of gratitude.
Attract clients just by writing in your blog.
Create viral content that links with the website.
Through multimedia formats, the attention of a different public is attracted.

Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing

shared by attachmedia on Jul 20, 2012 in Computers

Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing

shared by attachmedia on Jul 20, 2012 in Computers


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Content marketing (technique that develops and distributes valuable content, destined to attract, acquire, and retain an objective public) is being discussed more than ever before.
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