Top tips on How to prevent Break Ins and Theives from Entering your Cape Town Property

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"The menance of people breaking into your home is real and genuine, not only can it cause alot of financial damage and loss the mental pain and anguish it can leave behind remains as a scar long after the insurance claims have been recouoped. It can leave you feel very vulnerable and create serious mental issues in the most extreme cases. So as the saying goes prevention is always better than the cure and we want to help by providing some easy and quick tips on how to prevent you becoming the next burgularly statistic in Cape Town. Most are simple and easy ti implement and with the benefit of hindsight pretty obvious and just plain old common sense. Dont advertise you are leaving on social media platforms or down the local tavern, make sure the alarms are up to date and the locks are high quality and modern, even when out leave lights on so it appears you are in all pretty easy right and simple to follow. you can go a step further and get a local locksmith - round to conduct a full secuirty audit and offer good safety measures to execute as well as being able to fix and install those measures as well. A good lockmsith should be able to highlight the vulnerable spots in the premises that need shoring up and will make your property that much of a harder nut to crack and deter all but the most seasoned criminals from trying a quick entry. Enjoy!"




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