Top 17 Infographic Design Companies 2013

Top 17 Infographic Design Companies 2013

1. Column Five Media

Provide start to finish infographic design services, including data visualization and interactive graphics that are compatible with iPad/iPhone.

Website: columnfivemedia.com

2. Jess3

is a creative interactive agency that specializes in visual storytelling.

Website: jess3.com

3. Lemon.ly

is a visual marketing firm that helps create understanding through visuals. Specialize in Infographics, interactive graphics, and UX/UI design.

Website: lemon.ly

4. Designbysoap

Specialize in Infographics, works in combination with researchers. One of the UK's leading providers of Infographics.

Website: designbysoap.co.uk

5. Hot Butter Studio

A creative design duo, give us some data and we'll dip it in hot butter. Specialize in creative concept development, infographic design and data visualization.

Website: hotbutterstudio.com

6. Infographic Design Team

Unique Creative Illustrations, Multiple Design Concepts to choose from, Initial Concepts in 3- days, Web Mobile & Print friendly Infographics, In house team of 120+ experts.

Website: InfographicDesignTeam.com

7. Nowsourcing, INC

Infographics have taken the digital world by storm. The culmination of graphics, stats, charts, and a bit of humor gives the reader an incredible mnemonic device that will serve them for some time to come.

Website: nowsourcing.com

8. Cheap Infographic

Cheap Infographic offers original, unique creations at affordable prices.

Website: CheapInfographic.com

9. Infogra.ph

Infographics + Data Visualizations, makes important data beautiful and easy to understand.

Website: infogra.ph

10. Infographic World

Infographic World creates cutting edge Infographics for major brands like ESPN, Google, Unicef, eBay, and more.

Website: InfographicWorld.com

11. Infogr8

Infogr8 is a team of designers, journalists, and marketers who provide infographic research, design, and distribution services.

Website: Infogr8.com

12. Lumin Consulting

Lumin Consulting helps with the entire infographic process from conceptualization to marketing and distribution.

Website: lumeninteractive.com

13. J6 Design

J6 Design helps plan, design, and build great Infographics for their customers.

Website: j6design.com.au

14. Mike With Art

Mike with Art is an award winning infographic design group that creates interactive, motion, print, snapshot, and web Infographics.

Website: mikewirthart.com

15. 99 Designs

Get designers to compete for your business by hosting a infographic-design contest. Just submit a description of what you need and let the designers do the rest.

Website: 99designs.com

16. Design Crowd

Post infographic design projects for designers to bid on.

Website: designcrowd.com

17. Infoglyphs

InfoGlyphs takes your subject from the mind-bending to the mundane, and transforms it into an effective and enduring visual device. Specialize in graphical representations of data that would otherwise be undecipherable without considerable familiarity, time, or graphicacy.

Website: infoglyphs.com

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Top 17 Infographic Design Companies 2013

shared by ShaeLynn on Jun 06, 2013 in Business

Top 17 Infographic Design Companies 2013

shared by ShaeLynn on Jun 06, 2013 in Business


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The list of top most Infographic Design Companies are given below. At the 1st position in the list is “Column Five Media” who is known for providing design services from start to finish including ...
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