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The sinking of the Titanic. Everything related to the sinking of this great ship. The tragedy, deaths, survivors. The last voyage of Captain.




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TITANIC It was the most luxurious, stylish and advanced age. It had a pool, gym, squash court, Turkish bath, library. Atlantic Ocean EEUU 6. New York 4. Titanic 3. Queenstown 2. Cherbourg 1. Southampton THE JOURNEY 1. Set sail from Southampton (England). 2. Makes a stop in Cherbourg (France). 3. The second leg is in Queenstown (Ireland). 4. Subsidence area. 5. New York, was the ultimate fate of the Titanic. - Four Fireplaces Each chimney belonged to a boiler that generated the pontencia corresponding to each of the four engines of the ship. The stern It was the only outdoor space for passengers of the lower classes. Coexisted with rigging, ropes, cables and cranes. Lifeboats ------------ 28 meters wide lifeboats The Titanic, took half of units needed to provide for all passengers. Each boat had a capacity of 60-80 people. 29 boilers HUGE. A turbine Parsons Low pressure Titanic Iceberg PASSENGERS Total 2.2223 Deaths 1.517 Survivors 706 130 First 199 166 Second 119 536 Third 174 685 Crew 214 Classes 66 tonnes of displacement THE CAPTAIN Edward John Smith, was the commander most prestigious and experienced company White Star Line. Before leaving, he confessed that it was his last voyage in command of a ship. Top covers Only passengers of ハラナhigh society��� could use the upper decks. The bow Only sailors could enter, was not allowed access to passengers. 9 covered 25 knot speed maxim Upon impact, would at a speed 22 knots 269 meters long CHRONOLOGY OF SINKING 1 23:45 The collision with the iceberg, generates a gap of 10 meters. 2 00:10 In less than an hour, came 25.000 tons of water. 3 00:30 The bow is already submerged. 4 01:45 The hull is split in two, the bow sinks first. COMPARISON Eiffel Tower 324 m TITANIC 269 m Car Bus Airbus 300 Costa Concordia 290 m