Tea & Biscuit Guide



Risk of extreme soggines!

Floppage likely

Tea or Coffee

served at 65-70 Celsius

green HAT

Creative thinking

Rich Tea 4.0 6.4

Ginger Nut 5.2 7.9

Nice 4.2 7.1

Chocolate Digestive 5.4 7.8

Bourbon 5.0 7.9

Chocolate Cookie 5.2 7.6

Custard Cream 3.8 6.2

Jammy Dodger 6.4 9.5

Through extensive research at the Green Hat office we have produced this helpful guide for those who like to dunk their biscuits, without fear of floppage!


This research was carried out by graphic designers with no formal training in any field of scientific research whatsoever, in a studio which was not a controlled environment. Therefore all results should be treated with biscuit firmly in cheek.

Tea & Biscuit Guide

shared by GreenHat on Feb 13, 2012 in Food

Tea & Biscuit Guide

shared by GreenHat on Feb 13, 2012 in Food


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This biscuit infographic is based on 8 of our favourite UK brands which helps us (and others) to get the best out of his (or her) biccy when dunking it in hot tea or coffee, while at the same time ass...
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