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Music: The Universal Language

The infographic “The Language of Music” is part of a bigger project called: “Mi amiga la amígdala” (translated from Spanish it means “My friend: the amigdala”) which is a nonprofit blog-magazine about neuroscience, emotional intelligence and brain research, all merged in a design and visual communication environment. “The Language of Music” is a publication about a scientific research in music language and universal emotions.

Talk About Depression

Our support for Depression Awareness Week 2014 to help people manage with stress and anxiety.
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Are You Really Sad

Are you sad? Do you want to be sad? This simple infographic helps you to find out whether you are sad or not? Or if so, then how to get rid of it in a few easy steps.
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Universal Facial Expressions

This infograpic provides a visual display of the universal facial expressed associated with different emotions. It also tells what muscles in the face are being used for each facial expression.

Are You Happy?

Happiness is a state of being that is envied by those not happy and enjoyed by those who are happy. Is happiness really as easy as it looks though? This infographic helps you to find happiness in just a few simple steps.
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