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The Internet in 2020

The mobile phone will become the primary means of Internet access across the globe, and DRM will be well on its way out the door by 2020, according to a survey of Internet leaders, activists, and analysts. Those are just two of the trends predicted by a panel of experts surveyed by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in order to get a feeling for where key influencers feel technology is going over the next decade or so.
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Almost 8 New Internet Users Added Worldwide Every Second

This infographic will tell you that 7.9 people per second become new Internet users. That’s 2.3 Billion people, or 32.7% of the world’s population. So, what do we do on there? Let’s put that in perspective with a few more facts, shall we?

Global Download

Today the internet is so fast that we take download time for granted, but download time varies around the globe. This infographic provides information about global download times, which cities have the fastest internet service and which cities the slowest. It also provides an overview of download time in the U.S.

Collective Defense

As the world becomes more connected, the nature of cyber threats continue to evolve. This infographic takes a look at the global internet world and the advancement of hackers.

Global Internet Traffic is Expected to Quadruple by the Year 2015

The internet is one the fastest growing industries in today's world. This infographic takes a look at how the internet is growing and what are the major causes of it's growth. It also provides a map of the world with figures of the projected increase of users from each region.
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