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The State of B2B Social Media

A B2B Marketing Infographic

The state of B2B social media 2013

B2B Marketing's 2013 Social Media Benchmarking Report pitches social media as a maturing channel. But that doesn't mean to say all is rosy in the social media garden...

Describe your social strategy

1% don't know

38% defined

61% ad-hoc

How important is social media?


some importance


no importance

Top Three Objectives

1: drive traffic to website

2: build brand and positioning

3: strengthen thought leadership

Primary Measurement Focus

1 website traffic

2 number of followers

3 content downloads

4 leads generated

The most popular platform

Twitter 85%

Indeed 82%

YouTube 77%

Facebook 71%

Google+ 36%

Google+ in B2B

Is the most useful channel

9% Now

29% In 12 Months

x3 b2b relevance by 2014

Degree to which people can calculate ROI

rarely or not at all (44%)

some of the time (30%)

half the time (7%)

most of the time (9%)

completely (1%)

don't know (9%)

The State of B2B Social Media

shared by araspinall on Apr 18, 2013 in Business

The State of B2B Social Media

shared by araspinall on Apr 18, 2013 in Business


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This infographic is drawn from data included in the 2013 B2B Marketing Social Media Benchmarking Report
Rank: 447 of 17987 in Business

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