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Some Interesting facts about Online Shoppers Vs Traditional Shoppers.

Online vs Traditional Shopper

Laptop ? Newspaper




Find out the Differences

I want to buy dress I want to buy handbag

Let���s check out online let���s go out find best store

Easy to find best online stores Time to find out best store

Searching online stores Oh! I���m Stuck in traffic

I got a best coupon to shop I found a shop at last

Wow! Good Discount Salesman says no discounts

Hororay! I got it I���m running out of energy and time

Let���s shop here !!!

No home delivery

Shopping experience was awesome Now I am exhausted, I am going to sleep

Terrible experience

He got a good shopping She got exhausted and Terrible

Experience!!! Experience!!!!

Some interesting Facts About Online Shopping

Search engines are top sources where people find what they want to buy

77% man and 68% women shop during the day before lunch

At an average, women having an income of $65,0000 spend $400 per year for online shopping

What kinds of people shop online?

Family people, married couples, business men, homeowners, mobile phone users

Do you know how I shop online safely?

I do not use public computers and do any online transactions

I have a strong internet security suite which is updated too.

I update all my passwords frequently

I don���t click on any phishing emails

Most important of all I look for eCommerce sites with secure hosting

Some Interesting facts about Online Shoppers Vs Traditional Shoppers.

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Does really online shopping has benefit over Traditional shopping? Yes, every shopper is always looking for a great deal. Compared to Traditional shopping, online shopping offers more discounts on pr...
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