Social Media Benchmarking Survey

Social Media Benchmarking Survey

For International Family Planning Coalition Communicators Group

Social Networks

What social networks are you currently active on (i.e. update at least once a week)?

Facebook 100%

Twitter 100%

YouTube 45%

Google + 25%

Pinterest 25%

Indeed 21%

Other 5%

Staff Hours

How much staff time does your organization spend on social media?

8.3% Crawl 5 hours or less

41.7% Walk 5-20 hours

16.7 Run 20-30 hours

33.3% Fly 30-40 hours

Data Collection and Analysis

Describe your organization's approach to data collection and analysis.

41.7% Crawl

Little consistent data collection; relies on incomplete data or anecdotal evidence

33.3% Walk

Data is collected and shared between departments, but does not influence strategy.

8.3% Run

Useful data from many sources is collected and shared through a common dashboard and influences organizational strategy.

16.7% Fly

Organization-wide performance indicators are established and tracked through a customized dashboard, and by a staff data analyst.

Facebook Likes

Less Than 1,000 0%

1,000-5,000 33.3%

5,000-10,000 16.7%

10,000-25,000 16.7%

More Than 25,000 33.3%

Twitter Followers

Less Than 1,000 0%

1,000-5,000 58.3%

5,000-10,000 0%

10,000-25,000 16.7%

More Than 25,000 25%

Unique Website Visits

Average monthly unique website visits:

8.3% 10,000 Or Less

66.7% 10,000-25,000

16.7% 25,000-50,000

8.3% More Than 50,000

Web Traffic Sources

Most of the traffic to our website is:

Organic 45.5%

From Google Ads 18.2%

From Referral Sites 18.2%

Direct Traffic 0%

Other 18.2%

Average Email Open Rate


Average Email Click-Through Rate


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Social Media Benchmarking Survey

shared by danijett on Jun 24, 2013 in Social Media

Social Media Benchmarking Survey

shared by danijett on Jun 24, 2013 in Social Media


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An infographic presentation of the results of a social media survey done by the international family planning coalition to benchmark several important social media metrics.
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