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Simple Tumblr Stats

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This tool tells you about your tumblr stats using charts and graphs.
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Blog posts by Type

15 Photos
3 Reblogs
2 Text
1 Ouotes
1 Audio
1 Links
1 Videos
4 Answers

Average notes by Type

Photos (38)
Video (0)
Audio (0)
Answer (5)
Quote (0)
Text (16)
Link (0)

Notes on Posts over time

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Tumblr Crushers #Notes

Mechadude 13
inkedlibra 12
xunbearable 12
jambos6 11
hairyatheart 9
ultragraohique 9
stormthecastle 8
saxybear 7
loveyoursuit 6
alcharlie 5

Simple Tumblr Stats

shared by beefdumplings on Jan 03, 2012 in Social Media

Simple Tumblr Stats

shared by beefdumplings on Jan 03, 2012 in Social Media


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This tool analyzes the type of posts you make to tell you your “Blogging Style" and gives a breakdown of your most popular types of posts.
Tags: tumblr, stats, blog
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