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The Rise of Minecraft

Now an Infographic!

Minecraft has gone from an experimental project
by a single developer to a gaming phenomenon
bringing in over $1 million in weekly sales,

Here is that journey, from the day Markus Alexej
Persson —— a.k.a. Notch —— quits his day job to the
epic event that is Minecon.


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Jun 1, 2010: Notch quits his
job at Jalbum to work on
Minecraft full time. It’s
also his birthday.

Jun 29: Single player survival added.

Jul 29, 2010: PC Gamer
Magazine interviews Notch.

Aug 4: First release of SMP

Sept 18, 2010: Minecraft
servers crash, Notch
makes the game free until
it’s fixed, PCGamer covers
the event.

Oct 20, 2010: Minecraft
servers are DDo5 attacked
V by jaded users demanding
more updates.

Oct 30:
Huge SMP "Halloween update."

Dec 11, 2010: Notch announces
a price increase, from 10 to
14.95 Euros, effective Dec. 20.

Dec 20: Beta 1.0
Dec 22: Beta 1.1

Dec 31, 2010: Minecraft
wins Indie Game of the
Year and other awards
from IndieDB.


Jan 13: Beta 1.2

Mar 3, 2011: Minecraft
wins GDC Award for
Best Debut Game, Best
Downloadable Game,
and Game Innovation Spotlight

Feb 21: Client gets updated
Feb 22: Beta 1.3

Mar 31: Beta 1.4

Apr 1, 2011: April Fools' Steve Co. Supply Crate Store in—game micro—transaction parody.

April 19: Beta 1.5

Daily signups spike on the weekends.

May 26: Beta 1.6

Jun 30: Beta 1.7

Aug 14, 2011: Notch and Ez are married.

Aug 14, 2011: 18,160 premiums are doubled due to Weekend Wedding gift codes,

Sep 14: Beta 1.8 "Adventure Update"

Oct 7, 2011: Pocket edition released for Android.

Nov 7, 2011: Minecraft hits 1 million sates.

Nov 13: Minecraft 1.0 RC2

50 people showed up for the free MinecraftCon in August 2010.

A little over a year later, MineCon has sold out the Mandalay Bay convention center, with tickets at $99.

That is more than Notch has spent on marketing since he started.


Nov 18, 2011: Minecraft comes out of beta.

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The Rise of Minecraft

shared by visually on Nov 17, 2011 in Gaming

The Rise of Minecraft

shared by visually on Nov 17, 2011 in Gaming


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November 18, 2011 marks the Minecraft release out of beta. Follow the rise of Minecraft, from it's humble beginnings as a one-man experimental project to its overwhelming success in the gaming industr...
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