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Reaching 50 Million Users

Telephone calendar 75 years
Radio calendar 38 years
Television calendar 13 years
www calendar 4 years
facebook calendar 3.5 years
cell calendar3 years
aol calendar 2.5 years
Draw Something calendar 50 days
Angry Birds calendar 35 days

Reaching 50 million users

It took about 75 years for the telephone to connect to 50 million people. Today a simple iPhone app like Draw Something can reach that milestone in a matter of days. In the past 10 years of adoption of new

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Reaching 50 Million Users

shared by gkofiannan on May 01, 2012 in Technology

Reaching 50 Million Users

shared by gkofiannan on May 01, 2012 in Technology


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How long does it take to get to 50 million users? 100+ years ago it took the telephone 75 years to reach 50 million. In 2012 it took the Angry Birds Space app took 35 days.
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