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Radionomy "What's Working At Work"

You listen to Internet-Only radio while working\205 Think about the Internet-Only radio stations you listen to while working\205how often do you stream those radio stations in other locations, such as at-home or on vacation?In a typical week, how many different Internet-Only radio stations do you listen to while working?The kind of music you mostly listen to while working is:Which one of the following types of music do you... listen to most while working?\223What\222s Working At Work\224Prepared by Edison ResearchTo hear your favorite To discover new songs86%72%To create \223radio stations\224 To have the ability to skip To hear a type of music that is not on AM/FM 65%To hear music without 60%To discover what are the 50%36%To find out about things 35%To know that you will be Top 40/Hit Music14%49%Your favorite kind of A kind of music that is not 69%You do not listen to music think is the best to listen to while working?Research Target:\(Sample: n=1043 online respondents age 18+, employed full-time or part-time\54%46%19%-KS%Zq{=WZp4"2 %p2$CVU&|<J? 20******@*dppp00 X!!"#$%&&|&|''(jrrj
Fv/7? #Iha@RX87#8Y%#"'#"543246324&#"326ZFe*dZFFZyyyyFZSSddIkFZZF|yyyo I@@   Fv/7???/< &.*&"Fv/7?< .1k1d3dd+d-ooV9rV44 4 4V** *sZU   U    ;s8 tO8kqXqkSVsR999Ps;sssssVsRVsRI9cs=V9Ps;9Ps; To89csVsRI9B\VsRVsRVsHVsH9q599Ps;9Ps;OsssVsRVsH9Ps;9Ps;9Ps;9Ps;V*N9VsRVsvVsvVsvZ;s8s8s8s8s8VsHVsHVsHVsHVsH99cs=sss9ss99'9VVVssssssss9Ps;9Ps;9Ps;9Ps;VsvVsvJV`BV`BV`BV`BV`B!9!9!9!9sssssV4 V4 %%%%%V* V* V*/4/4/4s99VsRVsRVsRVsVsRVsRVsRVsRVsRVsRVsRVsRVsHVsHVsHVsHVsVsHVsHVsH9999Ps;9Ps;9Ps;9Ps9Ps;9Ps;9Ps;Ph;Ph;Ph;Ph;Ph;ssV*V*V*V*VsHVsHmuR#m$Cm$CmuRO9
0UPR`#mmm^ziHIL"V0VsrXZZVYq4(VsvVsv9PA#iP#:ss**s=ZZZZZZZZ[[lvvooswswswswswswt[h;;;;;;;;33 XkqOJjZULDK; eJVNJ ?PPJM3`G@DKgE>==RDJF9XP-^`V2^U>bTIEhhhhhhhhhhh||H d,
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и/EX/ >YEX/>Y(014>32!!>7>54.#"E Y;+
(1012>54.#"#467>32".'332>'.-J5@!#!S,*I6 13&1
:U6=Z<"@aN&B/$=R. 40L59^,#$'0RQ+2WB!*8'kuvl5ZB&9cNTp
%; и
%EX/>YEX/>YEX/>Y *01'#".54>32'>54.#"3267'7&j%Y6S~T*6Zt>@tX4?/Pd -.//.и/ и!и!/#и#/EX/>YEX/>YEX!/!>YEX#/#>Y +
ܸ"и"/012>54.+#!2#.'.#h&A01?"Dw~7> $
K &/#6&(4 :YdDP *6</( >YEX/>YEX/>Y(014.#"32>3#5##".54>32-A(=++B+;TC $6J1>Z:!=X8kz'&C12B%2*K7!>9%?/*Ic99dK++иEX/>YEX / >YEX/ >YEX/ >YEX/>Y ии015354632&#"3##M2<  dd<2R>H7#@2,8,>?/+/и?3и3/
+и++=и=/EX/ >YEX8/8 >YEX/>YEX./.>Y8.&014.#"32>3#".'332>'#".54>323,B*&@0,D/Hy//и/иEX/>YEX/ >YEX/>YEX/>Y0133>32#4&#"H<$M60R<>H.% &0!

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Radionomy "What's Working At Work"

shared by msrcommunications on Sep 10, 2013 in Technology

Radionomy "What's Working At Work"

shared by msrcommunications on Sep 10, 2013 in Technology


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Radionomy, Edison Research Survey Reveals Internet-only Radio Listening Habits at Work
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