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Ps cs6 Shortcuts

Ps CS6 Shortcuts




~ Switch Open Tabs

1 10% Opacity

2 20% Opacity

3 30% Opacity

4 40% Opacity

5 50% Opacity

6 60% Opacity

7 70% Opacity

8 80% Opacity

9 90% Opacity

0 100% Opacity Fit Screen


- Zoom In


= Zoom Out



Q Quick Mask Quit

W Magic Wand Close

E Eraser Merge Layer

R Rotate Tool Rulers

T Type Tool Transform

Y History Brush Proof Colors

U Shape Tool Hue/Sat.

I Eye Dropper Invert

O Dodge Tool Open

P Pen Tool Print

[ -Brush Size Move Layer up

] +Brush Size Move Layer down

\ Toggle Layer Mask

Caps Lock

A Path Select Select Ala

S Clone Stamp Save

D Default Colors Deselect

F Screen Modes Level Filter

G Paint Bucket Group Layer

H Hand Hide Extras

J Healing Brush Copy Layer

K 3D Tools Prefs.

L Lasso Tools Levels


; Hide/Show Guides


' Hide/Show Grid




Z Zoom Tool Undo/Redo

X Switch Fg/Bg Cut

C Crop Tool Copy

V Move Paste

B Brush Tool Color Bal.

N 3D Camera New File

M Marquee Tools Curves
















To switch between tools within groups.... Shift + Tool


Draw Marquee from Center.... Shift + Marquee

Add to Selection.... Shift

Subtract to a Selection.... option

Intersection with a Selection.... shift + option

Make Copy of Selection w/ Move Tool.... option + Drag Selection

Make Copy of Selection not in Move Tool.... + option + Drag Selection

Move Selection (in 1-pixel increments).... Arrow Keys

Move Selection (in 10-pixel increments).... Shift + Arrow Keys

Select all Opaque Pixels on Layer.... + Click Layer Thumbnail (in Layers Panel)

Restore last Selection.... + Shift + D

Feather Selection.... Shift + F6

Move Marquee while drawing selection.... Hold Space while drawing marquee


Hide all tools and panels.... Tab

Hide all panels except Toolbox and Options.... Shift + Tab

Scroll image left or right in window.... + Shift + Page up/down

Jump/Zoom to part of Image.... + Shift + Drage in Navigator panel

Ps cs6 Shortcuts

shared by ZeroLag on Apr 11, 2013 in Computers

Ps cs6 Shortcuts

shared by ZeroLag on Apr 11, 2013 in Computers


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ZeroLag has put together a super handy Photoshop CS6 cheat sheet exclusively for WDL to help optimize workflow by using keyboard shortcuts. Discover the bundles of help this cheat sheet will bring to ...
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