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Profile of an Online Shopper

Savvy shoppers do it online
Online shopping is booming in the UK.
We are now, more than ever, turning to the internet for all our needs but without spending a penny more, could our online shopping habit also fundraiser?
62% of brits shop online
Shoppers in the UK pent 5.3 billion online during May 2011
71% of the UK online shoppers believe the best deals are online
Wed 1600 is ‘peak time’ for workplace shopping
One in every 10 pounds will be spent online by 2012
Car manufacturers 3.6 million*
Auto parts & accessories 3.1 million*
Insurance 7.8 million*
If current UK online shoppers used Give as you live a potential 1.25 bn could be raised annually for UK charities visit
Give as you live

*the figures below are number of unique UK online shoppers
The average British online spend 71 per month but where do we spend it?
Health, fitness & nutrition 12.6 million
Coupons & rewards 10.9 million*
Mobile phones 12.2 million *
Hardware manufacturers 10.5 million*
Parenting and family resources 3.6 million*
Food & cooking 10.5 million *

Profile of an Online Shopper

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Online shopping is booming in the UK and we are now, more than ever, turning to the internet for all of our needs. This infographic shows how and where we're spending our money online.
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