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Plastic bag and film recycling reaches 1 billion pounds annually

Plastic Film Recycling

The recycling of plastic film climbed four percent from 2010 to reach 1 billion pounds annually in 2011, according to a national report. The category of "plastic film" includes plastic bags, product wraps and commercial shrink film. The report, developed by Moore Recycling Associates, Inc. on behalf of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), noted that the recycling of plastic film has grown 55 percent since just 2005.

Some plastic film examples

Paper towel wrap

Napkins wrap

Plastic water bottles

Bread Wrap

More film being recycled than ever before

In 2011, 1 billion pounds of film plastic was collected for recycling.

In 2005, the year this report was first done, that number was 652,477,000

55% increase in this type of recycling since 2005

Strong demand for recycled film

120 million pounds more film consumed by composite decking industry compared to 2010.

Growing number of drop-off locations

Since 2010, the number of bins available for drop off has grown from 12,000 to 15,000

2011 reclaimed end uses

Composite lumber 55%

Crates, buckets, pallets and piping - 29%

Other - 16%

Learn More: www.plasticfilmrecycling.org

Plastic bag and film recycling reaches 1 billion pounds annually

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A look at plastic bag and film recycling in the united States. Graphic shows rate of increase and growth in markets for recycled polyethylene (PE) plastic.
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