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Phone Recycling Data: The Unique Samsung Galaxy S4 Trade-in Impact

The Unique Samsung Galaxy S4 Trade-In Impact

Data provided by CompareMyMobile.com

CompareMyMobile.com compares the prices from 40+ recycling stores in the UK combined with large volumes of traffic to give accurate market trends in recycling and device valuation

Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Impact

BEFORE the phone is even released comparemymobile.com has seen the following increases. The important aspect to these stats is this NEVER happens unless an Apple device is announced. A sign of Samsungs grip on the market?


127% increase in Samsung valuations PRE S4 RELEASE


29% increase in Samsung trade ins PRE S4 RELEASE

Samsung % of Total Trade-ins

There has been an increase in the percentage of the trade in market that Samsung holds by 4.7% since the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple too the biggest hit droppig from 50% to 44% in the past 50 days

Samsungs trade in market share - 24/04/13 - 17.2%: 17.2

Samsungs trade in market share - 14/03/13 - 12.5%: 12.5

Top 5 Samsung Device Pricing Drops

This shows how the trade in pricing of the top 5 devices on comparemymobile.com was affected from the announcement of the S4 on the 14th March to the day before the official release

Samsung Galaxy S1

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Note

Samsung Note 2

Top 5 Samsung Device Percentage of Price Drop

This illustrates the drop in value of the top 5 Samsung devices over this period totaling to a 12% drop in value on comparemymobile.com

Samsung Galaxy S1 - 10%

Samsung Galaxy S2 - 23%

Samsung Galaxy S3 - 19%

Samsung Note - 7%

Samsung Note 2 - 3%

% of price drop 14/03/13 - 24/04/13

Samsung Galaxy S1 10

Samsung Galaxy S2 23

Samsung Galaxy S3 19

Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 2 3


Top 5 devices % Share of Total Trade-ins

This shows the total percentage share of trade ins these 5 devices make up from the 4,000+ products that cann be recycled on comparemymobile.com. What's key here is that the top 5 Samsung phones make up 12% of all trade ins on the website, reflecting the huge sales volume they've made over the past 24 months, stealing market share from Apple and other competitors.

Samsung Galaxy S1 2.1%: 2.10%

Samsung Galaxy S2 4.2%: 4.20%

Samsung Galaxy S3 3.7%: 3.70%

Samsung Note 1.2%: 1.20%

Samsung Note 2 0.9%: 0.90%

Phone Recycling Data: The Unique Samsung Galaxy S4 Trade-in Impact

shared by Ashley_Turner on May 31, 2013 in Technology

Phone Recycling Data: The Unique Samsung Galaxy S4 Trade-in Impact

shared by Ashley_Turner on May 31, 2013 in Technology


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This infographic uses data from CompareMyMobile.com to show the unique effect that the release of a new Samsung smartphone can have on the trade-in market. It focuses on the recent release of the Sams...
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