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PEJ Economist Challenge

With Visual.ly's help, The Economist Group and the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) invite you to play with their data. Create your own infographic using data from this just-released report and email it in using the button below by October 31 for a chance to have it featured on PEJ's website, The Economist's Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook pages (over 1 million fans), and The Economist's Graphic Detail blog.
More about the challenge
PEJ has written a comprehensive report on the survey findings and prepared their own infographic, which you can see by clicking the link on the right. Now PEJ and The Economist Group want to know: How would you tell the story visually? What findings jump out at you that deserve an infographic of their own? Your infographic could relate to revenue findings, the differences between Android and Apple news users, the time of day different people use their devices, facets of the app-browser debate, or something else.
More about the data
The data comes from a comprehensive new study conducted by PEJ in collaboration with The Economist Group that looks at news consumption on mobile devices. You can find the data in the file to the right. For the study, PEJ surveyed 9,513 U.S. adults about their overall activities on tablets and smart phones and then in greater detail about their news consumption on these devices ñ where they are, at what times, whether they prefer web browsers or apps, and their feelings about advertisements and paying for news.
This year's research is a follow-up on a study released by PEJ in October 2011, also in collaboration with The Economist Group, which looked at tablet news consumption among the earliest adopters . This year's study adds smartphones and probes habits more deeply.
About the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism  www.journalism.org
The Project for Excellence in Journalism tracks the transformation of journalism in a changing information landscape through its annual State of the News Media report and other research reports. As part of the nonpartisan, non-advocacy Pew Research Center, it does not take positions on policy issues.
About The Economist Group  www.economistgroup.com
The publications and services delivered under The Economist brand are The Economist magazine, Economist Digital, Economist Intelligence Unit, Economist Conferences, The World In series and Intelligent Life. The Group's other brands include CQ Roll Call and European Voice (aimed at decision-makers on Capitol Hill and in Brussels respectively), EuroFinance, a cash and treasury management event business, digital media agency TVC Group and an online advertising network, the Ideas People Channel. The Economist Group is privately owned. Read more about The Economist Group's perspective on digital news on their Lean Back 2.0 blog.
About Visual.ly  www.visual.ly
There's more data than ever, and more ways to get it. As the world gets more complex and attention spans grow shorter, Visual.ly makes it possible to present information and meaning in a bite-sized visual way that makes sense for the age of big data. Launched at 500 Startups in April 2011, Visual.ly has grown to include a library of more than 20,000 infographics, a robust community of almost 145,000 and a suite of offerings, which includes a social network for data visualization, free self-service tools, and premium services, and a soon-to-be-launched marketplace, that democratize the creation and sharing of visualizations, making it possible for everyone to participate.
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