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The Olympic Stream

Athens 1896
Paris 1900
St. Louis 1904
London 1908
Stockholm 1912
Antwerp 1920
Paris 1924
Amsterdam 1928
Los Angeles 1932
Berlin 1936
London 1948
Helsinki 1952
Melbourne/Stockholm 1956
Rome 1960
Tokyo 1964
Mexico 1968
Munchen 1972
Montreal 1976
Moskou 1980
Los Angeles 1984
Seoul 1988
Barcelona 1992
Atlanta 1996
Sydney 2000
Athens 2004
Beijing 2008

300 medals
200 medals
100 medals

Western Europe
Latin America
United Germany
Eastern Europe
West Germany
East Germany
Northern America
Rest of the World

The Olympic Stream

shared by maartenzam on Jul 24, 2012 in Olympics

The Olympic Stream

shared by maartenzam on Jul 24, 2012 in Olympics


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A streamgraph of all medals won in modern Olympics, by country and by continent/region. Hover shows the name of the country.
Rank: 12 of 262 in Olympics

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