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Most Funny Mistakes Made in Resume or CV

Top 10 MOST FUNNY CV / RESUME Mistakes

1 Spelling Mistakes

Speak English and Spinach


Dear Sir or Madman

Hope to hear from you shorty

2 Typos

I held sex positions as a manager

Managing Steak-Holders

Graduated in 1882

3 Lack of Specifics

Worked in Hotels

Worked with employees

Managed projects

4 Leaving Out Important Information

No Name

No Contact details

No Personal Profile

5 Visually Too Cluttered

Too much text without spacing

Numerous pictures

No paragraphs

6 Incorrect Contact Information

No area Code

Only a first name

? John John John John John

Wrong email Address


7 Layout, Design and Content Mistakes


Picture of your dog

Print Out your CV in Pink

8 Lies

I am 30 years old and worked 15 years as a bank manager

I earned 100K at McDonalds flipping burgers

Managed over 100 people in a company that only employs 50

50 > 100

9 Irrelevant Info

I hate spiders

Hair Colour BLACK

Can drink 10 beers without getting too drunk

10 Mentioning WHY you have left your current job

Responsibility makes me nervous

I was not smart enough to do the job

My affair with the boss broke down

Other Types of Mistakes

TypeFace Uniformity

Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments

No Action Verbs

Punctuation Mistakes

Underwhelming Detail

Using friends as Referees

Bullet-Point Accuracy

Format Consistency

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Most Funny Mistakes Made in Resume or CV

shared by genebernice on Apr 23, 2013 in Education

Most Funny Mistakes Made in Resume or CV

shared by genebernice on Apr 23, 2013 in Education


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Writing a CV or Resume is never easy and avoiding classic mistakes will help you to progress your job search. Here are some real life examples of mistakes people made.
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