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The Most Expensive Shows To Produce

Most Expensive shows to Produce
TV shows are going the way of big movie productions with their vest sets and huge casts. Who spent the most to make it to your small screen?
Boardwalk Empire HBOs gangster series set in 1920s Atlantic City. 225 actors. 1,000 extras. The full- scale boardwalk replica cost > $5 million [1} Inside sets include period pieces with elaborate details, such as porcelain bathtubs with gold feet. {1}
Cost of debut episode >$20 million Though the New York Post reports it was closer to $50 million
Game of Thrones The 2011 multi-Emmy-winning HBO period piece based on the book series ‘ A Song of Ice and Fire,’ pits 7 families against one another for the land of Westeros.
More than 80 regular cast members [6]. Cast grows and changes with each season [6] Cost of debute episode > $20 million [4] Filmed on location in Malta, Scotland and Northern Ireland [3]
Cost per season> $45 million [5] Season 2 will be shot in Iceland [6]

Lost Our only network-TV contender and touched by many as the most expensive debut ever. ABCs “Lots” may have started the sweeping epic craze.
Cost per episode (approximately) $2.8 million
Pilot cost> $11.5 million Included CGI-enhanced plane crash and filming on location in Hawaii
48 survivors; 15 regular cast members
Even with killing of the passengers in the premiere and being stranded on an island, the cast grew in later episodes.
Costly endeavors Besides elaborate sets and salaries where do production costs go? Here are just a few expenses
Costumes and props on screen have to go somewhere.
With HD TV on the rise there is no room for cheap visuals
Sometimes you have to tune out the location noises.

The Most Expensive Shows To Produce

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TV shows are going the way of big movie productions with their vast sets and huge casts. Who the spent the most to make it to your small screen?
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