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Meeting the post-financial crisis challenges: five steps for European banks to shape up

Europe’s banking sector is inextricably linked to a complex array of regulatory frameworks, which are evolving to take the past years of global turmoil into account. How can the banking industry halt the contraction and deterioration of equity values?

BearingPoint has examined the past 7 years of performance of 92 banks across the European continent. This report compares the fortunes of these banks (representing 84% of the consolidated European banking balance sheet) to look at the impact of the new banking landscape.

As well as demonstrating that banks have headed towards materially inferior risk/return levels during the last five years, the research looks at the approaches they are implementing in response. The conclusion is clear: cost-efficiency may offer short-term gains, but for future survival, banks need to identify opportunities to innovate and add higher levels of value to their customers.

Meeting the post-financial crisis challenges: five steps for European banks to shape up

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Europe's post-financial crisis regulatory regime is evolving fast: our study shows banks have to respond with proactive innovation, not squeezing margins
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