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Managing Your Virtual Workforce

Managing the virtual workforce
The “Work at home” phenomenon is becoming more common. Your virtual workforce could be growing. What does this mean for you and your company?
A survey of senior leaders and hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies with at least 5,000 employees
56% believe virtual work will steadily or greatly increase at their company
61% believe their companies will let more people telecommute over the next 3 years
Adrain Brown Let’s meet for lunch so we can talk about the project
Jane Tanaka Murphy’s at noon?I’m handling over the menu
Adrain Brown Sounds great see you then
60% of office-based employees use virtual teaming technologies daily – texting, instant messaging, teleconferencing
USA vs Asia
% of CFOs Planning to increase telecommuting & Teleconferencing at their companies
53% USA
76% Asia
Survey Says…
Stay home jane you’re killing last years numbers!
A dog riding a skateboard LOL
56% of decision makers believe that working remotely makes employees more productive
% who believe working remotely is now more widely accepted
Decision makers 75%
End users 68%
Of Businesses Surveyed
57% reported allowing employees to keep flexible hours
62% reported having employees who work remotely either full-time or part-time
Profile of an American Teleworker
26.2 Million total number of US teleworkers in 2010
20% teleworkers of US working adult population
By age
18-34 42%
35-54 51%
55+ 7%
By gender
44% women
56% men
Median age 40
Total US Teleworkers (2010) 26.2 Million
High school or less 24%
Some college/vocational 32%
College graduate 44%
Post-graduate 22%

Managing Your Virtual Workforce

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The "Work from Home" phenomenon is becoming more common. Your virtual workforce could be growing. What does this mean for you and your company?
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