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Making Out: Good For Your Health?

Making Out: Good For Your Health?

July 6th is International Kissing Day!

a day to forget about germs and remember

why kissing is good for your health


more saliva=

more antibodies=

more resistances


Kissing burns an

estimated 2-5

calories per


(that's sort of



it's hormonal

oxytocin goes up,

cortisol goes down,

you feel awesome


increased saliva

production helps

prevent tooth


just don't break any laws...

Women in Hartford. Conn.. are not legally

allowed to kiss their husbands on Sundays

It's illegal to kiss strangers

in Cedar Rapids, IA

In Indiana it's illegal for a moustached

man to "habitually kiss human beings"

Making Out: Good For Your Health?

shared by ZocDoc on Jul 09, 2012 in Love and Sex

Making Out: Good For Your Health?

shared by ZocDoc on Jul 09, 2012 in Love and Sex


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Can kissing be good for your health? Here are four ways making out may be beneficial for immunity, relaxation, fitness and hygiene. Presented by ZocDoc in honor of International Kissing Day!
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