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LTPYL United States Local Food Map

Washington -Apple

Oregon - Berries

California - Grape & Wine

Alaska - King Crab

Hawaii - Pineapple

Idaho - Potato

Nevada -Buffet

Utah - Green Jell-O

Arizona - Chimichanga

Montana - Cherry

Wyoming - Buffalo Burger

Colorado - Denver Omelette

New Mexico - Chillies

North Dakota - Choke Cherry

South Dakota - Kuchen

Nebraska - Corn

Kansas - Wet Barbecure

Oklahoma - Okra

Texas - Steak

Minnesota - Blueberry Muffin

Iowa - Loose Meat Sandwich

Missouri - Ice Cream Cone

Arkansas - Pink Tomato

Louisiana- Craw Fish

Wisconsin - Cheese

Illinois - Horseshoe Sandwich

Mississippi -Mud Pie

Michigan - Pasties

Indiana - Popcorn

Kentucky - Mint Juleps

Tennessee - Tomato

Alabama - Pecan

Ohio- Cincinnati Chilli

Georgia - Peach

Florida - Orange

Maine - Lobster

New Hampshire - Pumpkin

Vermont - Maple Syrup

Massachusetts - New England Clam Chowder

Rhode Island - Coffee Milk

Connecticut - Hamburger

New York - Pizza

New Jersey - Hot Dog

Pennsylvania - Cheesesteak

Delaware -Crab Puffs

Maryland -Blue Crab

Virginia - Ham

West Virginia - Ramps

North Carolina - Strawberry

South Carolina - Benne Wafer

LTPYL United States Local Food Map

shared by ltpyl on Nov 13, 2012 in Food

LTPYL United States Local Food Map

shared by ltpyl on Nov 13, 2012 in Food


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This United States Local Food design is one of LTPYL's projects that all have one concept of making "place pride" a part of everyday life. There are 50 different kinds of local foods illustrated in th...
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