Line Charts

line charts

A line chart is a type of chart that displays information as a series of points connected by straight lines.

Line charts are created by connecting a series of data points that represent individual measurements. By connecting these points, it’s easy to visualize trends in data over intervals of time.

Line charts are used to show continuous data over time, since they show trends well. Multiple lines can be shown on a single line chart, or a line can be fit over scattered data to show the best-fit trend, as is often done with data collected from experiments. In most line charts, time is shown on the x-axis and measurements are shown on the y-axis.

Because line charts display increases and decreases, line charts are better for showing overall patterns and trends in data than bar charts. Line charts not as good at showing specific values of data, because the individual data points are harder to spot.

It’s also possible to create a line chart that appears to make data look a certain way, whether by using inconsistent scales on the axes, or by comparing two charts that use different scales for each line chart.

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