Infographics Software

We’ve talked about the process of how to create infographics:

idea → research → data → analysis → story → design → creation

But once you get to the creation stage, how best to proceed? Well, you could go old school and sketch up some ideas, then scan them in and go with a hand-drawn look. More likely, though, you’re going to use some kind of infographics software.

There are literally tons of kinds of infographics software. Okay, maybe not literally. But almost anything that can be used to merge visuals and text can be used as infographics software.

You could whip out a bar graph in Excel. You could work using a vector program like Adobe Illustrator or OmniGraffle. You could use an image editor like Adobe Photoshop. You could use infographics software that creates charts like Apple iWork or Microsoft Office.

The important thing is that there’s no one piece of infographics software that’s the state-of-the-art or that you must use to prove to others that you’re a super-hip, in-the-know infographics designer. Whatever infographics software works for you, go for it. That said, you might want to explore some of the visualization tools that are out there, some on the Web and some downloadable.

Online Infographic Software

Our own tool lets you easily create infographics from included data feeds, professionally designed templates, and themes. Visual.ly’s tool is easy to use and it produces beautiful infographics that you’ll happily share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and our website.

Many Eyes is one of the easiest ways to use your own data for infographics. Simply upload your own data and get well-designed visualizations.

Hohli is another easy to use online chart maker. Pick a chart type, add some data, mess with the colors and you’ve got yourself a chart.

Google Public Data lets you turn public data into a simple infographic.

Wordle creates word-based visualizations (or word clouds) using any text you enter: whole books, blog posts, short stories, articles. It’s a great way to visualize the most prominent words in any document.

Stat Silk lets you create interactive visualizations that can be used to create a static image. It gives you access to world data and lets you customize the way the data is presented visually.

Creately lets you choose from a number of diagrams and flow charts and quickly add your own data.

Downloadable Infographic Software

Tableau Public is free infographics software that lets you create visualizations and publish them to the Web.

Gapminder Desktop allows you to show animated statistics right on your computer. It uses up-to-date data from Gapminder World, updated automatically whenever new data is available.

Inkscape is free open-source vector infographic software that’s very easy to use. It’s not unlike Illustrator or CorelDraw.