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Justin Bieber vs One Direction: Ticket Sales Showdown


Bieb���s recent scuffle with the paparazzi may prove hea has a few moves up

his sleeve, but how does the pop star hold up when put in the ring against

One Direction when it comes to tour sales? It���s a battle of the boys! Let the

best hair win!

Justin Bieber One Direction

Stratford Wolverhampton

Ontario, Canada Doncaster, Bradford

Chesire, England, UK &

Mullingar Ireland


18 Age Social Impact 18.6 Avg. Age

49.3M F 6.4M

22.8M T 4.1 M

2.5B YouTube 369M

Top Selling Cities Top Selling Cities

1. Toronto, ON 1. Chicago, IL

2. Oakland, CA 2. Dallas, TX

3. Minneapolis, MN 3. Newark, NJ

4. Boston, MA 4. Charlotte, NC

5. Phoenix, AZ 5. Philadelphia, PA

30 seconds Time it took to sell out Madison Square Garden 10 minutes

JB Tour Dates 46 64 1D Tour Dates

First week ticket sales

JB���s 1st week of ticket

sales were 3.5x more

than 1D���s 1st week

JB and 1D are neck-in-neck when it comes to overall

sales to date (even with 1D���s 18 additional dates)

Average ticket prices






Average ticket prices

$273 $208 $218 $179

First week Entire Tour

Justin Bieber One Direction

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Justin Bieber vs One Direction: Ticket Sales Showdown

shared by VividSeats on Jun 20, 2012 in Entertainment

Justin Bieber vs One Direction: Ticket Sales Showdown

shared by VividSeats on Jun 20, 2012 in Entertainment


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Vivid Seats compares all over statistics and ticket sales for Justin Bieber's 2012-2013 Believe Tour versus One Direction's 2012-2013 US Tour.
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