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The iPhone Effect: How the iPhone 5 is Making Waves through the Smartphone Market


IPhone5: Making Waves Across the Smartphone Market

With millions of consumers now carrying the latest iPhone in their pocket, it���s worth examining the effect that the sales of the iPhone 5 could have on the industry:

Smartphone Device Wars

iPhone 5 & Galaxy S III U.S. Searches per Week

Samsung Galaxy S III reached a peak in U.S. searches during the first seven days of the iPhone 5 launch ハラヨ beating levels during its own launch period.





Galaxy S III Launch

IPhone 5 Launch

01 June 29 June 27 July 24 Aug 21 Sept

Samsung Galaxy S III Apple iPhone 5

The Galaxy S III also got a boost of 50% in average weekly online sales

compared to before the launch of the iPhone 5.


Rumbling in the distance

iPhone Accessory Purchases at Online

Retail Merchants & eBay

iPhone 4s Launch Holidays 2011 iPhone 5 Launch Holidays 2012

Oct ���11 Dec ���11 Sept ���12 Dec ���12

Online iPhone accessory purchases in September 2012 reached approximately

the same levels as in December 2011, surpassing when the iPhone 4S

launched in October 2011. As the holiday season nears, sales are on

track to reach record levels.

A Lightning Strike

For all online sales at top 100 retailersハラ_

1 Lightning adapter was sold for every 10 iPhone 5 devices sold


sold on Amazon


sold on Apple.com

Initial data reveals that a majority of online iPhone 5 purchasers are not picking

up the Lightning port adapter, suggesting that consumers plan on buying

new Lightning-compatible software.

sound dock alarm clock car charger media transmitter ?

As Apple releases more devices, and accessory manufacturers create new and innovative products with Lightning ports, the new standard will create an

unparalleled opportunity for all stakeholders, especially in the upcoming

2012 holiday season.

The iPhone Effect: How the iPhone 5 is Making Waves through the Smartphone Market

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In a recent blog post, we shared comScore data showing how the iPhone 5 reached the same level of online sales in its first 3 days of availability that the iPhone 4S did in its first month. Apple’s ...
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