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International Literacy Data

MILLIONS OF CHILDREN ARE DESTINED TO GO THROUGH LIFE UNABLE TO READ OR WRITEEvery year the number of adults who can\222t read or write declines. Thanks to greater access to education, young adults are much more likely to be literate than their parents. But millions of children are sti\
ll children of the 21st century, most of whom are girls, are destined to live on the social and economic margins of our world. We need to keep our promise: Education for All.Education for All Global Monitoring Report, 2012How can we change their destiny?Let\222s keep our promiseEDUCATION FOR ALLADULTSYOUTHTHE NUMBER OF YOUTH WHO CAN\222T READ OR WRITE IS GETTING SMALLER, BUT THE PROPORTION OF YOUNG ILLITERATE WOMEN ISN\222T.\037ll out a form or send a text message.123 MILLIONYouth illiterate population, Youth illiterate population, BURKINA FASOUNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIADEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGOPAKISTANSaharan AfricaPOVERTYINEQUALITYUNSTABLE, POORLY PAID JOBSUNFULFILLED INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL AND A LIMITED ABILITY TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WELL-BEING OF THEIR FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIESWHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR THEM?children of primary school age, whether they are in school GLOBALLYLearning to read as an adult takes time and e\036ort many poor women can\222t spare.INTERNATIONALLITERACYDAY 2013WHO WILL BE ILLITERATE IN THE FUTURE?BANGLADESHgoal of cutting rates of illiteracy in half.to su\036er from high rates of illiteracy. This fact will hamper development e\036orts for decades to come.person standin\037 or sittin\037 alone by a treeLET\222S BREAK IT DOWNLATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEANYouth literacy rateEAST ASIA AND THE PACIFICYouth illiterate population, Youth illiterate population, 30,000,00025,000,00020,000,00015,000,00010,000,0005,000,0001,000,000800,000600,000400,000200,0001,200,0001,000,000800,000600,000400,000200,000cc

International Literacy Data

shared by UNESCO Institut... on Sep 09, 2013 in Education

International Literacy Data

shared by UNESCO Institut... on Sep 09, 2013 in Education


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The latest international literacy data broken down by gender, country and region, and projections to 2030 for selected countries.
Rank: 536 of 4435 in Education

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