Interesting Facts About Internet Threats and Security

Growth of internet technology has not only made our lives convenient but has also given birth to cyber crimes. As per the researches, cyber criminals invent 6,300 threats per hour. Around 65% internet users are the victims of viruses, malware, phishing, identity thefts and other threats. Various tools such as VPN, Antivirus and IP Hiding software are there to protect us from online threats. Among, these VPN is the most prefered internet security tool that protects users from wide array of online security threats. Besides security, VPN allows the user to unblock restricted sites and to surf the internet anonymously. The best VPN will exhibit excellent bypassing ability, compatibility and strong protocols. Hotspot Shield is a good VPN that is counted as the most trusted and effective VPN worldwide. This VPN is compatible with Mac, iOS, Android and PC and is easy to download and run.




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2,095,006,005 Internet Users Worldwide Which makes 30% of world's population 8 New People Join WWW Every Second 22% Social Networking 21% Searches 20% Reading Content 19% Emails/Communication 13% Multi-media Sites 5% Online Shopping Interesting Facts: Youtube 4 Billion views per day 60 hours of video are uploaded eery minute Facebook Users spend 10.5 billion minutes per day More thann 800 million updates per day Email 3.146 billion accounts worldwide 112 Emails sent and received every day by the average corporate user Twitter 250 million tweets per day 60% of users access the internet on a daily basis Internet Threats Increase in the number of Internet users translates to increased number of online security threats 6,300 new/unique threats per hour 33.63% Computers are affected by Malware 78.92% Trojans 10.78% Worms 7.44% Virus 2.69% Adware 0.17% Others 81% Emails are spam 65% of Internet users are affected by online security threats like viruses or identity theft Online Security IP Hiding Google Cache Anti-virus VPN further enhances the efficiency of your anti-virus. It encrypts your data and allows the user to hide their IP address offering superior protection and privacy. User Device VPN Server Internet Gatway VPN Tunnel Who can benefit from VPN? Students Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Gmail and play online games at school Employees Anonymously unblock social, gaming and video sites while at work Travelers Stay connected to your favorite websites while on the go. Access Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora outside the US Features of Good VPN VPN features checklist. Invest in the best. Trustworthy copany that uses advanced technology Offers maximum security with strong protocols, advanced encryption technology Enables users to bypass firewalls and access blocked websites Provides maximum bandwidth Compatible with all popular operating systems - Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS Encrypted Protocols Trusted and Popular VPN Provider HotspotShield By AnchorFree