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Interesting Facts About Aluminum





The energy you save by recycling a single Aluminum can will run a TV for 3 hours.

In 1996, aluminum recycling saved enough energy to power the city of Pittsburgh for over 6 years.

Every three months, Americans discard enough aluminum to completely rebuild every single commercial airplane in the United States.

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Twenty years ago, a pound of aluminum made about 20 cans. Today, the same amount of aluminum makes approximately 30 cans.


The number of aluminum cans made in about one minute.

Talk about strong: Did you know that four 6-packs can support the weight of a 4,000 pound aluminum car?

The aluminum in one single soda can is worth about a cent.

Americans threw away millions of cans last year. Choosing to recycle instead of toss your aluminum cans is not only environmentally friendly, but great on your wallet as well!

Over the course of our 95 years in business, CMC Recycling has earned a trusted reputation of honesty, safety and environmental compliance. Customers can rely on CMC for efficient and dependable scrap metal management solutions at competitive pricing.

Interesting Facts About Aluminum

shared by sarahbrunso on Sep 28, 2012 in Environment

Interesting Facts About Aluminum

shared by sarahbrunso on Sep 28, 2012 in Environment


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Interesting facts about aluminum and the value of choosing to recycle it.
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