Infographic About Infographics


Everyone has a message, the hard part is bundling it up so the message is understood by anyone, and everyone

Comprehend 20%
Is all that is remembered after reading text.

Connect 90%
Of information transmitted to the brain is visual

Distributed 200%
More images are linked on Facebook over text

Growth 12%
Avg increase in traffic after publishing a infographic

Who Reads Infographics
Infographics Text 87% Read Text On

Everyone Would Rather Read Infographics

How To Make Infographics

1. Idea And Research
First thing you have to do to make a infographic is have a topic, then dive into hours and hours of researching the topic.

2. Story And Design
Now that you have facts and data piled up, its time to sift through and pull out a captivating story told through images.

2. Distribute And Promote
Now It's time to show the infographic to the world, using social networks and blogs. The question is how to do this effectively?

The Conclusion
Infographics are not easy to make. A quality infographic average $1.000-$5000 because of the difficulty.

The time spent on research, organizing data, wireframe, design and marketing equals a week worth of work alone.

Infographics easily go viral and gain attention, but how to do it stress free, and not break the bank? Use us.

Infographic About Infographics

shared by infolicious on Oct 26, 2012 in Other

Infographic About Infographics

shared by infolicious on Oct 26, 2012 in Other


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This infographic is about infographics, and why you should probably use them.
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