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Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights

Incandescent vs LED

Christmas Mini Lights

Comparing your options

Incandescent mini lights - LED

1. (incandescent) 0.425 watts per bulb. - (LED) 0.069 watts per bulb, extremely low wattage.

2. (incandescent) Connect up to 5 premium strings - (LED) Connect up to 43 premium strings.

3. (incandescent) Glass bulbs are removable from sockets. - (LED) Unbreakable epoxy plastic bulbs are sealed in sockets.

4. (incandescent) 3,000 hour lifespan - (LED) 200,000 hour lifespan.

5. (incandescent) UL Listed. - (LED) UL Listed, many are ENERGY STAR approved as well.

6. (incandescent) Color is painted on. - (LED) Color is in the diode and plastic. Will never fade, chip, or peel.

Pricing vs Savings

(incandescent) Average cost: $9-$12

(LED) Average cost: $16-$35

(incandescent) Cost to run 10 mini light strings: $11.06

(LED) Cost to run 10 mini light strings: $1.30

LED Eco Footprint

1. Lasts 66 times longer than incandescent mini lights.

2. Mercury free and 90% fewer Co2 emissions.

3. Uses 80-90 less energy.

4. Rated for 50,000 - 200,000 hours.

5. Landfills benefit from the decrease in waste.

Understanding LED Christmas Light Terminology

1. Pre-lamped Strings

2. Replacement Bulbs

3. Net Lights

4. Icicle Lights

5. Fairy Lights

6. Trunk Wraps

7. Rope Light

8. Falling Icicle

9. Grand Cascade T8

10. Battery Operated

Mini Light Shapes




Mini Lights Too Small?





Warm white, white, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple and much more!

Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights

shared by CarlaJohnson on Oct 26, 2013 in Lifestyle

Incandescent Vs LED Christmas Lights

shared by CarlaJohnson on Oct 26, 2013 in Lifestyle


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Want to prevent your electric bill from sky rocketing this X-mas, here´s how you can learn to save money but still decorate and light up your home.
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