Importance of Business Management Degree

Importance Of A Degree in Business Management

Seven Reasons Why You Should Get A Management Degree

It gives you credibility among your business peers.

It develops capabilities to manage business.

It helps you develop problem solving abilities.

It provides you standard tools for organizing business activities.

It helps you develop entrepreneurial skills.

It teaches you to read and interpret business statements.

It places you in the network of future business leaders.

Most Popular Professions For Management Grads

Management Consultant

Marketing Professional

Advertising Expert

Accountant or Auditor

Investment Banker

Corporate Financial Analyst

Human Resource Manager

Health-care Administrator

Clean Technology Specialist

Business Development & Sales Manager

Insurance Sales Agent

Hotel General Manager

Information Technology (Systems) Manager


Top US Highest Paying Jobs for Management Grads

1. Chief Executive Officers (CEOS)

Average annual salary: $160,440

2. Marketing Managers

Average annual salary: $118,160

3. Engineering Managers

Average annual salary: $110,030

4. Natural Sciences Managers

Average annual salary: $107,970

5. Computer And Information Systems Managers

Average annual salary: $107,250

6. Sales Manager

Average annual salary: $102,730

7. Financial Managers

Average annual salary: $101,450

8. Agents and Business Managers

Average annual salary: $101,220

9. Personal Financial Advisors

Average annual salary: $92,970

10. Management Analysts

Average annual salary: $82,920

1 $160,440

2 $118,160

3 $110,030

4 $107,970

5 $107,250

6 $102,730

7 $101,450

8 $101,220

9 $92,970

10 $82,920

Why You Should Go To A Good Business School?

Going to a top B-school gives you access to the top jobs.

At a top B-school you'll meet the best and brightest business leaders of the future.

You will develop a strong foundation of business prudence.

You will learn to face and handle real time challenges.

Good B-school offers the chance for tremendous professional development.

Good B-school encourages your entrepreneurial ambitions and equips you for the same.

You will meet and get lessons from well known industry experts.

Good B-school makes you apt in trouble-shooting.

There's no better place than a good B-school to grow your personal network for professional purposes.

Features Of A Good Business School

Excellent pedagogy from an inspiring faculty

Talented students

Environment that supports competition and critical thinking

Leadership development programs

Strong emphasis on real life experience

International Character

Nice campus facilities

Specialist courses and master classes by experts

Conferences and events

High interest of employers in hiring graduates of the school

Importance of Business Management Degree

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Importance of Business Management Degree

shared by infographicdesi... on Feb 28, 2012 in Education


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