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How to Use a Light Box

How to Use a Light Box
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Compact Fluorescent or LED Bulbs

Choose bright, energy efficient light bulbs that are "full spectrum" and "daylight balanced"
Don't mix different kind of light bulbs. Choose one kind and stick to it.

Use One, Two, or Three Lights

Choose one light to allow more shadow from one side.

Shadows make pictures look 3D.

Use one light on each side of the box to fill in the shadow.

If you play with the angles of the lights, some of the shadow on the subject will show, keeping the photo looking 3D.

Add a third light, shining through the top of the light box to get rid of most of the shadows.

This will also make your background really white.

Camera Settings

Lightbox photos can still come out too dark, even when you've got plenty of light.

Use "Exposure Compensation" to keep your photos bright.

For best color results, avoid AWB (auto white balance). Instead, use the White Balance setting that matches the kind of light bulb ,you have.

Better yet, set a Custom White Balance to match the light exactly.

How to Use a Light Box

shared by katlandreth on Sep 02, 2012 in How To

How to Use a Light Box

shared by katlandreth on Sep 02, 2012 in How To


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How to use a light box to get the best product photos. Photos still coming out too dull, or the wrong color? These simple steps will put you on the right track.
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