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How to Use 10 Social Networks to grow Your Personal Brand

How to Use 10 Social Networks to Grow Your Personal Online Brand

Even if they aren't friends with you, people can usually see your profile pictures, things you "like", and your personal information. Make sure you still appear professional on Facebook.

Follow people on Twitter who work in your industry. Retweet them and tweet about their articles and content - it's a great way to make connections and get noticed.

Upload content-heavy videos to YouTube where you share advice or information with clients, co-workers, and professionals. People will start seeing you as a resource.

Create a personal website where you share your resume, background experience, and personal story. Word Press is a great place for creating a website - even for beginners!

Join groups on LinkedIn that will connect you with new clients, employers, or contacts. It's a proven fact that the more people see your name and picture, the more they like you.

Create an account on Instagram and search for things related to your industry via hashtags (#). Like and comment on people's photos to get noticed.

Create an account on SlideShare and upload a presentation demonstrating your expertise. People will be impressed and you'll come across as knowledgable.

Create a Google+ account - it's great for search rankings. And if you write blog posts or articles, track them through Google Authorship.

Get active on Pinterest. There's tons of information you can post, repin, and comment on to show you're passionate about what you do.

Create your own blog - this is a fantastic way to share your opinions and ideas, and to let others know you have something to say!

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How to Use 10 Social Networks to grow Your Personal Brand

shared by Bootcampdigital on May 21, 2013 in Social Media

How to Use 10 Social Networks to grow Your Personal Brand

shared by Bootcampdigital on May 21, 2013 in Social Media


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In the age of the internet Google search results, Facebook and LinkedIn are creating the first impression. Business professionals can’t afford to have a weak or mediocre impression online if they wa...
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