How Social Media Influence Businesses



Influence Businesses


27 percent of total online time is spent on social networking.

f t

85% 49%

85% of internet users have Facebook accounts

49% have Twitter accounts.


84% of online shoppers use social media sites.

Average Number of Connections Per User

f t

141.5 208

f t in 2x $

Social media produces almost double the marketing leads when compared to trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, and PPC.


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Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion

Percentage Of Marketers Who Found Customers Via Social Networking Sites In 2013

Find Customers Via Social Networking Sites

f 53%

in 43%

t 36%

f in t

More than 50% of marketers believe that social media has helped them improve sales.

60% of online consumers follow or give feedback to brands on social media sites.

Percentage of Companies (Listed By Industry) That Acquired Customers from Social Media Sites

Retail / Wholesale Consumer Goods

73% f

19% in

40% t

Technology (hardware)

45% f

44% in

50% t

Marketing Agency

45% f

58% in

35% t

Professional Services/consulting

43% f

56% in

30% t

Technology (software)

39% f

50% in

40% t

Banking/Insurance Financial Services

33% f

38% in

28% t

How Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions

81% Influenced by social media posts from friends

79% Liked social media page of company for discounts and offers

78% Made purchase based on company's social media posts

74% Researched social networks before making purchasing decision

71% Likely to make purchase based on social media referrals

53% Twitter users tweeted product or company recommendations

How Marketers Are Using Social Media Sites

89% Generating business exposure

75% Increasing traffic

69% Gaining marketplace intelligence

65% Building loyal fan base

61% Generating leads

47% Reducing marketing expenses

43% Improving sales

How Social Media Influence Businesses

shared by gogulf on Jul 09, 2013 in Social Media

How Social Media Influence Businesses

shared by gogulf on Jul 09, 2013 in Social Media


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Check out our latest infographic “How Social Media Influence Businesses” to have better understanding of the social media impact on your business and on your marketing campaigns.
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