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How Protein Powder Is Made

On the whey to your doorstep

Cow is milked.


Raw milk is collected and cooled to 4 degree Centigrade.

Milk is transported (trucked) in refrigerated tanks to a cheese-making facility.

Milk is pasteurized at 72 - 73 degrees centigrade and recooled.

Milk undergoes cheese processing, and whey is drained off.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) or isolate is spray-dried to become whey protein powder.

Whey concentrate is microfiltered to make whey isolate.

Whey undergoes ultrafiltration to become WPC-80.

Whey is collected and pumped to whey manufacturing section of facility.

The protein is packaged into large bags (33-34 pounds) and stored in a warehouse.

Proteins are blended and flavored to match specific protein powder products.

Trucks deliver varieties of whey protein and casein protein powders to supplement companies.

Mixed protein is measured into containers.

Bags are shipped to customers.

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How Protein Powder Is Made

shared by bodybuilder on Jul 03, 2012 in Health

How Protein Powder Is Made

shared by bodybuilder on Jul 03, 2012 in Health


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