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How Natural Gas is Powering America

U.S. Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Outlook 2013, 4/2013Projected Data Source: EIA Annual Energy Outlook: 2013 Early Release Historic Data Source: EIA Natural Gas Monthly, January 2012U.S. Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Outlook 2013: Market Trends-ElectricityU.S. Energy Information Administration FAQ Page: Which states consume and produce the most natural gas?, updated 7/15/2013U.S. Energy Information Administration Annual Energy Outlook 2013, 4/2013U.S. EIA as cited in \223A Fracking Good Story,\224 Slate, 9/15/2012Benchmarking Air Emissions, Ceres, 5/2013 - Attributed to coal regulation, coal plant retirements and rising use of natural gas.U.S. EIA as cited in \223A Fracking Good Story,\224 Slate, 9/15/2012World Energy Outlook, IEA, June 2013EPA Natural Gas pageTOP NATURAL GAS CONSUMING STATESAMONG TOP 100 U.S. POWER PRODUCERS,ELECTRIC POWER SECTOR USE OF GAS HAS GROWN ROUGHLY IN THE LAST DECADE.NATURAL GASWILL MAKE UPOF NEW CAPACITY\(Measured in Trillion Cubic Feet or TCF\FOR THE NEXT\(ALSO TOP NG PRODUCING STATE, 7.1 TCF\LOUISIANAFLORIDANEW YORK1.2 TCFNATURAL GAS IS THE MOST EFFICIENTLEAST EXPENSIVEPOWER GENERATION TO BUILD TODAY. BOTH ARE 20 YEAR DECLINESRENEWABLESNATURAL GAS IS THE PRIMARY SOURCE OF POWER USED TO ENSURE THE RELIABLE INCORPORATION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY INTO THE U.S. POWER GRID.IN PART DUE TO A SWITCH IN POWER GENERATION TO GREATER USE OF NATURAL GASUS ENERGY-RELATED CARBON EMISSIONS MILLION TONS IN 2012NATURAL GAS PRODUCESLESS NITROGEN OXIDES, LESS DIOXIDE AND NO MERCURY.FROM THE EPA Compared to the average air emissions from the dominant form of energy,U.S. PER CAPITA CARBON EMISSIONS HAVE DROPPED TO THEIR LOWEST LEVELSDWIGHT D. EISENHOWER LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE IN THANKS LARGELY TO RISING USE OF NATURAL GAS. HOW NATURAL GAS IS POWERING AMERICA�+�2��<�+�����+�
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How Natural Gas is Powering America

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Utilities, regulators and policymakers alike know that we need clean, efficient and affordable electricity to reduce emissions and power our country. Clean, abundant and affordable natural gas is rea...
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