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How Much Candy Do We Eat At Halloween?

How Much Candy Do We Eat at Halloween?

158 Million Americans Participate in Halloween

95% of those will purchase candy

5% will not. No Candy

$6.9 billion will be spent on Halloween this year

$2.6 billion on costumes

$330 million on pet costumes

$2.08 billion on candy

Decorations, Cards, Parties, etc.

That���s that entire GDP of Zimbabwe! or the extra debt the US gets into each day.

Get to know your candy corn.

October 30th is National Candy Corn Day

35 million lbs. are manufactured each year.

Candy corn is the second most popular Halloween candy after chocolate.

43% eat the narrow end first.

47% eat the whole thing.

What do the other 10% do with it?

Start Finish

If the candy corn kernels sold each year were laid out end to end, they would wrap around the Earth 4.25 times.

Americans purchase nearly 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween.

Equivalent to the weight of 6 Titanic ships.

Wacky State Facts


Anyone older than 13 caught trick-or-treating can face $1000 fine!


It���s illegal to dress up as a priest.


You can be fined $1000 for using silly string on Halloween

The average American consumes 3.4 pounds of candy over Halloween

That���s heavier than a twerking popstar���s brain!

Kids consume up to 7,000 calories on Halloween (the same as 13 Big Macs!)

Toooooo much candyyyyyy-

The average trick or treater consumes about 3 cups of sugar- equivalent to 220 sugar packets!

New York Boston

Kids would need to trick or treat for 180 miles (60 hours) to burn off what they eat. OMG!

How do I get the most candy for my buck?

The average American household spends $47 on Halloween candy.

Here���s how to make it stretch the furthest

What���s the cheapest popular candy to buy?

Ounces of candy








Where should I buy it?

Oz of Candy










How Much Candy Do We Eat At Halloween?

shared by couponfollow on Oct 28, 2013 in Food

How Much Candy Do We Eat At Halloween?

shared by couponfollow on Oct 28, 2013 in Food


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Did you know trick or treaters would have to walk from New York to Boston just to burn off the calories they consume in one night? That you can be fined $1000 for trick or treating in Illinois? That k...
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