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How The Mobile Revolution Is Changing Retail

How the


Is Changing Retail

Retail Revolutions

Of The Past

The Credit Card - 1958

- created a convenient new

payment option for customers.

- changed the way merchants

marketed and advertised products.

e-Commerce - 1990�۪s

- Created an easy way for

customers to shop & compare.

- Allowed merchants

to connect with more customers.

The Rise Of Mobile

4 out of 5

Us consumers now use

smartphones to shop.


of e-commerce sales

expected to be from mobile

by Sept 2013.



in expected sales

through m-commerce

worldwide by 2015.

What The

Mobile Revolution

Means For Customers


- Price comparisons on the fly.

- Product reviews & product info.

- Feedback from friends & family.


- More engaged.

- More empowered.

- More responsive.


- Access to discounts & coupons.

- Offers a single payment device.

- Less clutter, more organized

Customer Stats

43% -

of smartphone owners used

their mobile device while in a

store for a shopping purpose.


of people believe mobile

can make shopping

more enjoyable.


of smartphone users found it

useful to download mobile

coupons to their phones.


of smartphone users prefer

sharing product info with

friends on an app.


of smartphone shoppers

use a mapping app

to find retail locations.


of shoppers prefer to reference

their mobile device in-store rather

than ask a sales associate for help.

What The

Mobile Revolution

Means For Retailers


Knowledge Base

- Purchase behavior insight.

- Location & time awareness.

- Understanding consumer patterns.




-Location-based services:

Relevant communication

with consumers.

-Near-field notifications:

In-store communication

with consumers.

Retailing Stats


of online retailers have

already, or are currently

developing a mobile strategy.


of smartphone owners shared

their location with retailers by

using a map feature.


of people who use their

smartphones in store are

looking up other stores prices.


of mobile users are open to

scanning a mobile tag to

get coupons.

What Smart Retailers

Can Do To Prepare

Develop a

Mobile Strategy

- Analyze your mobile market.

- Create mobile friendly sites.

- Understand your mobile customers.

Connect With

Mobile Users

- Promote in-store mobile commerce.

- Encourage mobile social sharing.

- Use QR codes on products allowing

customers to mobilize & share.


We�۪re a data services company.

We help the worlds largest retail brands grow in Asia. We do this with GIS. a technology that combines maps with business and market data to gain insight not possible through a spreadsheet.

We'd love to hear what you think of our infographics. Get in

touch with us and let us know at curious@getchee.com

How The Mobile Revolution Is Changing Retail

shared by getchee on Dec 05, 2012 in Technology

How The Mobile Revolution Is Changing Retail

shared by getchee on Dec 05, 2012 in Technology


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The mobile revolution is changing the way retailers display and sell goods as well as where and how they interact with customers. As consumers embrace mobile shopping, their behavior is also fundament...
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