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How Many Species Are On Earth?

How Many Species Are On Earth?

Scientists at Dalhouse University have a new prediction for the number of eukaryote species residing on Earth. If the numbers are correct, taxonomists have an elephantine amount of work to do to discover and catalogue the unknown organisms.

14.1 of eukaryotes on Earth are catalogued after 250 years of work by taxonomists.

Eukaryotes - organsims composed of cells with organelles contained in a membrane.

Predicted Eukaryotes: 8.7 million


953.434 Known

6,816,566 Unknown


13,033 Known

14,464 Unknown


43,271 Known

567,729 Unknown


215,644 Known

82,356 Unknown


8,118 Known

28,282 Unknown

What is Needed to Describe the unknown eukaryotes:

1200 Years

Number of eukaryotic species desribed per year: 6,200

303,000 Taxonomists

Average number of eukaryotes described in a taxonomists's career: 24.8

364 Billion

Estimated cost of desribing a eukaryote $48,500 USD

How Many Species Are On Earth?

shared by KAPdesign on Sep 13, 2012 in Science

How Many Species Are On Earth?

shared by KAPdesign on Sep 13, 2012 in Science


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This infographic communicates a prediction of the number of eukaryotic species on Earth in relation to the number of known species.
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