How to Make Sushi

Sushi Rolls

A bowl of sushi rice
1/2 tsp. rice vinegar
1/4 tsp.sugar
Put a piece of nori-shiny side down on the bamboo mat
Spread a bowl of sushi rice on the nori
Flip it over so the rice is facing the bamboo mat.
Pick the fillings...

Sliced Cucumber
Sliced Avocado
Shredded crab stick imitation
Sliced raw/cooked tuna
Sliced sweet egg
sliced kiwi
Sliced raw/cooked salmon
Cream cheese
Chopped raw scallop
Shrimp tempura
Deep fried soft shell crab
BBQ salmon skin

Arrange the strips of fillings
Roll it forward
Keep rolling to make a complete roll
Slice the rolls gently with a sharp knife

California Roll
Island Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Spicy Scallop Roll
Dynamite Roll
Spider Roll
B.C. Roll

Sauces: Soy sauce Mayonaise Hot sauce Garlic sauce Kiwi puree BBQ sauce

How to Make Sushi

shared by Ariela on Jun 11, 2012 in Food

How to Make Sushi

shared by Ariela on Jun 11, 2012 in Food


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A flowchart guide depicting how to make popular sushi rolls.
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