How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

“How long does it take to build a mobile app?” While the question isn’t as timeless as “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” (spoiler alert: 3481), it is one that’s very dear to our community of mobile app developers. And now we’ve got an answer ... check out the infographic to find out what it is.




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How Long Does it Take to Build an iOS or Android App? Based on a survey of 100 iOS, Android and HTML5 developers, it takes nearly 18 weeks to build v1 of a native app. Start Here DATA STORAGE - The building block of any native app’s backend. C --> 13 weeks USER MANAGEMENT - Creating user accounts, managing authentication, security and access control. C ------> 13 weeks SERVER-SIDE LOGIC - How a developer truly customizes the user’s experience. E R ------> 12 weeks DATA INTEGRATION - Allowing users to access information from and publish data to third party sources, including social networks. E U ------> 13 weeks PUSH - Maintaining engagement with users continuously. C U ------> 6 weeks VERSIONING - Make version 2 live .., without breaking version 1. C ------> 12 weeks backend 10 weeks CACHING - Storing data locally to speed load time. ---------> 6 weeks SYNCHRONIZATION - Enable off-line usage and resolve data conflicts. E ------> 8 weeks WIREFRAMING - Blueprint for user interface and experience. C ------> 8 weeks UI DESIGN - Pixel perfect mock-ups of user interface. C U UI DEVELOPMENT - Translating mock-ups into functioning user interface code. C U ------> 10 weeks UI POLISH - The differentiating “last mile” of the user interface, where an app truly stands out from the crowd. E U ------> 10 weeks frontend 8 weeks 18 weeks total 1 DAY OF TIME SPENT C - CORE REQUIREMENT - U - USER FACING E - ENGAGEMENT DRIVER R - REVENUE OPPORTUNITY It Also Takes 18 Weeks to: In the 18 weeks it takes to develop and publish a native app, one could: BUILD 1.3 BOEING 777 AIRPLANES DRILL 3 3000 FT OIL WELLS BUILD 1/231th of a GIZA PYRAMID TAKE APOLLO 11 TO THE MOON 40 times THIS MESSAGE WAS BROUGHT To YOU BY kinvey Credits: Joe Chernov, Dave Wasmer of Kinvey. Survey data: AYTM