How to Eat Crab

Crack open the
Alaskan Snow Crab

There are many varieties of crab out there, but none are as majestic —
or delicious — as the Alaskan Snow Crab.

Female snow crab typically live 6 to 8 years, though males can live up to 20 years.

The snow crab is also called the queen crab because they’re long- legged like king crab but smaller in size.

Snow Crab King Crab

Width: 3 to 6 inches
Weight 2 to 4 pounds

How to eat crab:

1 - Have your tools ready.
We suggest using a seafood cracker and a small fork.

2 - Break (off) a leg.
Pull one of the legs off the cluster; break the leg at each joint.

3 - Get cracking. Use the cracking tool to expose the meat inside the leg.

4 - Fork it over. Pick out the meat from the shells using your small fork or even your fingers.

5 - Bon appétit! Squeeze lemon and dip each piece into butter.

Bearded Seals / Octopi / Eelpouts / Skates

Snow Crabs can live up to 1500 ft. deep in the Bering Sea.


Bering Sea Gulf of Alaska

Nutritional Into:
Low in calories and fat yet high in protein, crab’s sweet and delicate meat is full of flavor and nutrition.

CALORIES --------(One pound) -------180
PROTEIN ------------------------------------38 g
FAT ----------------------------------------------2 g

Utensils for eating crab were invented during the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644):

Made of copper and sometimes silver, its modern name is the eight-piece set, and is still used today.

Crabbers catch 200 or more crab at a time in a pot.

Jon Forsythe, Crabber


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How to Eat Crab

shared by doug on Aug 24, 2011 in Food

How to Eat Crab

shared by doug on Aug 24, 2011 in Food


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Nice infographic showing the origins of Alaskan Snow Crab and how to eat.
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