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How to create an Animated Infographic

What are animated graphics and how are they done?
Lets have a look
This is Alex
He is a motion graphics designer who loves to tell stories with animated infographics but where does he start when designing it?
It all deals with the data!
That needs to be turned into knowledge
1. First, he should gather plain data for the topic of choice
2. Analyze & structure research findings data analysis
3. An finally create a script outlining the chronology of the story but bare in mind it’s the data that counts

Quality infographics = professional research
Therefore alex rule of thumb is always
2 : 1
Validated per piece of
References information

Nevertheless Alex is keen on getting this step right…
So he considers getting help from someone like …
Hello I’m Kristina
Kristina is a professional academic researcher and can tell Alex everything about data gathering
Infographic Basics
1 use official sources
2 up to date data
3 use profess referencing
4 be concise and not too scientific
5 be humorous if appr.
Now that Alex has a professional storyboard he can get back on track designing
Such as adding cool effects or sweet charts & graphs to make his point more clearly! And by adding the right background music alex’ animation conveys much more than just plain data so that he can hopefully entertain & touch his audience
The End of a little story about animated infographics. Thank you for watching a rightclours production

How to create an Animated Infographic

shared by RightColours on Nov 14, 2012 in How To

How to create an Animated Infographic

shared by RightColours on Nov 14, 2012 in How To


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How to create an animated infographic? A little story demonstrating what is important when designing an animated infographic and the essential key elements that need to be integrated. Enjoy watching :-)
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