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How the Average American Family Spends Money

What is Middle Class Income?
How the Average American Family Spends Money

5.7% Cars 8.6% Groceries 0.7% Shoes 31.4% Rent & Mortgage

0.8% Tobacco 5.7% Dining Out 0.9% Alcohol 1.2% Public Transport

5.3% Gasoling 1.6% Car Repairs 1.7% Medicine

5.4% Utilities 3.0% DRs & Dentists

4.1% Furniture/Household 0.8% Men's Clothing 1.9% TV, Music, Cable etc 1.7% Movies, Gym, Concerts

1.7% Hospital Visits 1.5% Women's clothing 0.2% Books, Mags, Newspapers 1.1% Pet care

Average American Middle Class Income & Lifestyle

Middle Class Income Range

Income $81,000 / yr Home size 2,300 SQ FT. Savings $ 4000 / yr
Health, Medical $5000 /yr Vacation for Four $3,000 Retirement Fund 3.2% of INCOME

Who is Middle Income?
61% of American householdsare considered middle income


50% of American householdsare considered middle income

Savings Rate (percentage of salary saved)

8.3% 11% 10% 2% 7% 8% 5.3% 2.5%

1959 1973 1984 2006 2008 2009 2010 2011

College Loans
The amount borrowed by upper—middle--income families has soared. They
owed an average of $32,869 in college loans in 2010, up from $26,639 in 2007, after adjusting for inflation.

average in college
loans owed in 2007

average in college
loans owed in 2010

Discretionary Items per Household
How Much is Spent Annually?

$380 0.6% Tobacco Products
A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day in New York state will spend more than $4000 a year, roughly 10% of the average American income before taxes

$249 0.5% Apparel Products and Services
Clothing rentals and storage, dry cleaning, jewelry and shoe and watch repair

$400 0.8% Entertainment Equipment and Services
Bicycles, trailers, camping equipment, sports equipment etc

$435 0.9% Alcohol
Beer, wine, hard liquor and mixed drinks

$975 2.0% Television - Radio . Sound Equipment
Up from $429 in 1989. For compariso, the average amount spent on reading material, which is another household expenditure category, was only $109.

$672 1.4% Lodging, Vacation Homes and Hotels

$690 1.4% Pets, Toys Hobbies, Playground Equipment

$628 1.3% Fees and Admissions
Fees and admission for sporting events, films, concerts and movie rentals

$1,967 2.2% Gifts
This amount has increased from $887 in 2009

$2,619 5.3% Food Away From Home

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How the Average American Family Spends Money

shared by SharleneMusic on Dec 11, 2012 in Lifestyle

How the Average American Family Spends Money

shared by SharleneMusic on Dec 11, 2012 in Lifestyle


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What does the average middle class family spend their money on? The stats in this infographic could help you determine the spending buckets that are consuming your latte money, and funds for other, p...
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