The History of Spring Break

Spring break – that magical time of year where college coeds flock to warmer climates to strut around in bathing suits, compete in booty shaking contests, drink too many pina coladas and hook up, hook up, hook up. Not only is spring break considered a rite of passage for many but it has become an American tradition right next to Super Bowl Sunday and Fourth of July. This infographic breaks down the history of this debaucherous tradition.


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S P R I N G B R E A K Spring break remains the college "party-down" tradition in the United States. It has become one of the pillars of college movies, shows and other media. Everyone knows spring break is fueled year by year by sex and alcohol. Here is some information you may not have known. 1. Short history of the tradition: 1938: Ft. Lauderdale hosts the College Coache's Swim' Forum. 300 swimmers and their respective student bodies attend. Ft. Lauderdale 1959: 20,000 students showed up 1985: 370,000 students showed up. The B for spring break now calling mayor publicly stated students E the city "Fort Liquordale." were no longer welcomi. E R Local bars offered all you could . Alcohol banned on the beaches drink beer for $1.50. . MTV banned 12 fl oz . 2500 students were arrested 2. Today: Student Visitors (each year) Panama City, FL They have 18,000 hotel rooms 500,000 prepared for students. South Padre Island During break they average 25 arrests 150,000 a day and collect $80,000 in fines. Cancun, Mexico 100,000 3. Between Florida and Texas, students spend $1 billion during break. + = $ 1 Billion Students spend an average of The normal family of four $1,00 a week. spends less than that on Transportation and rent account food for an entire month. for less than half that figure. 4. Recent surveys about spring break given to college females: 83% 74% 57% 83% 60% Said there was Said there was Said being Had friends that Had friends more drinking increased promiscuous drank every who had during spring sexual activity was a way to night of the unprotected sex break than on fit in week campus 5. Alcohol On average both men and women consumed over 10 alcoholic drinks a day. Drunk throughout Drank every night the entire day till they passed out Men Women Men Women 60% 67% 50% 50% 60% No No No Yes No 40% 33% 40% Yes Yes Yes ( Compared to the rest of the year where college students consume only 6 drinks a week ) 6. Sex TROJAN TROJAN 1/2 of sexual encounters are 1/2 of sexual encounters are "random" and "unplanned" unprotected Back on campus, studies show 80% of students only have sex once or zero times per year. 7. 60% of students had a run-in with a police officer. 1,300 are arrested just in Panama City Beach. 2,600 are arrested abroad. 60% were injured, often self inflicted. Every year a small number of students die from falling off balconies.

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